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The Maestro has been committed to make a positive
difference in the lives of the people and organizations

The Maestro based in Pakistan has grown over the years and is now one of the dominant training companies in the region with its mission to contribute to the human development in the corporate world. Our solutions are designed to tackle your most urgent, immediate business challenges and capture future opportunities. Our experts are fully devoted to swiftly align and mobilize your people to accelerate business growth, improve or change current practices, and boost performance.

Our trainings enable our clients to think beyond learning, to open up opportunities for them to go beyond what they thought was possible, to use learning to create a momentum which embraces change and breakthrough performance as a way of life, for both individuals and organizations. Thus we help organizations achieve guaranteed results by motivating, energizing and inspiring learners to help discover their passion and potential and develop skills, knowledge and behaviors that are readily and immediately transferable to the workplace.

Our Commitment

Since its foundation, The Maestro has been committed to make a positive difference in the lives of the people and organizations. We touch by helping people to become their best and develop a belief that people can only succeed when their daily practices reflect their most prized values. We are proud of our reputation for providing great service through the commitment and professionalism of our staff.

Our Values

Values are the guiding principles for any organization to achieve its purposes. The Maestro will build upon the following values as we strive to attain our vision and fulfill our mission.


We are committed to excellence in all that we do and we embrace continuous improvement, efficiency, professional integrity, creativity, change and innovation in our effort to serve all our clients in the most successful ways possible./p>

Creating Value

We strive to develop means and methods that enhance our clients’ opportunities to groom and grow by creating benefits for both the employees and the organization.



Advocating an ethical and transparent approach in doing business goes a long way in building trust, confidence and a mutually satisfying association with our clients.

Customer Centricity

Referral business is the best type of business to have– therefore, we hold our clients with reverence and care at all times.


This is what excites and challenges us as we constantly look for the
next best thing in our professional and passionate journey.


Our CEO– M. Noman Ahmed

Our CEO Mr. M. Noman Ahmed is regarded as one of the best international trainers and known for his captivating and highly inspirational training sessions. For over 8 years he has been working with different multinational and local companies in Pakistan and abroad, helping them understand how they can grow, and achieve peak performance and how good companies can become great companies. His tremendous work has earned him great success in a very short span of time.

Noman is a very energetic and committed professional. Enthusiasm, positivity and great motivation are features that best describe his personality and show through in his learning sessions. His stimulating and often humorous and engaging style, coupled with relevant and intelligent content, makes him a great choice as a resource person for all kinds of training workshops, seminars, product launches and annual sales conferences. In his training sessions, Noman draws upon practical business approaches and daily life’s experiences in a way that enables his audience to apply what they learn- in both their personal and professional endeavors.

Noman is a visionary professional who always seeks new ways to learn and also to share his knowledge with others. His magical and practical training approach motivates his audience immediately to action in all his training ventures. His interviews and lectures on different radio and T. V channels have received great appreciation too. His consistent success as a professional challenges our negative perceptions of life as well as our self limiting beliefs.

“Whether your aim is to achieve internal or external success or whatever success means to you, in my opinion the ultimate goal can be accomplished only by being impulsive and passionate in your journey because at the end of the day it is your self-satisfaction that matters.” – M. Noman Ahmed

Our Clientele

We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve results they can measure.
Our clientele includes such names as:

Our Testimonials

Thanks once again for being such an important part of the success of our recent annual sales conference. Your inspirational session really engaged the participants, got them thinking clearly and positively.

Tahir G. Sachak
Managing Director and Chief Executive
EFU Life Assurance

The training was a huge success! The employees were able to obtain a new sense of confidence from the courses given by The Maestro. They are now willing and able to communicate their ideas & concerns more positively.

Faisal Mubeen Ganatra
(CEO- Shan Foods Pvt Ltd)

Like many people, Noman has been an inspiration for me too ever since I heard him as a Speaker in a workshop more than eight years ago. He carries a lot of positive energy which affects those around him. He is a living example of how, in spite of our constant challenges, we must rise above ourselves to serve others and thus find true joy and purpose.

Mohammad Muneeb Kidwai
The Change Agency

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